Objectives and Markets

The short-term Business Goal is that BGE to become a significant VAWT player of the Distributed Energy sector, while the long-term objective is that BGE, within next 5 years to control up to 50% of the entire small-size VAWT industry.

The key Market Opportunities are represented by favorable government initiatives and policies, along the key Market Drivers which are the adoption of small wind energy in rural households

The Company's Business Objective includes of become the leader of the 10% of the total of 1.8 MW of small wind distributed energy sector, of deployed United States in 2021 from 1,742 turbine units representing a $9.2 million investment.

Various applications, including, but not limited to Vertical Indoor Farming, Aquaculture, Energy Charging Stations, Cold Storage and Warehousing makes Blue and Green Energy Solutions the perfect fit within Distributed Energy needs for key industries.

Vertical Indoor Farming, VIF

· With an energy requirement of approximately $3.45 per every sq. ft for the smaller vertical farm (less than 10,000 sq. ft area) and $8.02/sq. ft for larger ones, Wind Master seems a logical choice for the 5kW and its multipliers such as 30 kW or 20/30/45 kW (hybrid w/solar) type of energy capacity installed.

· The VIF’s main challenge is high energy consumption due to the lack of natural sunlight and water and including in average almost 50% of expenses are in energy consumption.

· The total energy consumption includes LED lamps (65%), air conditioners (20%), and dehumidifiers (10%) account for 95% of electricity usage, while the remaining devices use less than 5%.