Multiple and Hybrid Units

The Blue and Green Energy Solutions (BGE) Company has built a portfolio of multiple and hybrid units, as follows:

· Wind Master comes into 3 and 5 kW as singles unit, center imagine above and 30 kW VAWT as an Energy Tree configuration, right image with an Annual Energy Output (AEO) of 7.5MW/45MW yearly generated at 5.5 m/s average wind speed.

· Hybrid configurations, left imagine includes 30/45/60 of 450-550W PV panels installed on all 4 sides of towers, along with a 5 kW Wind Master top installed on 10/20/30 meters high lattice towers (300 km/h wind rated) and generates 25/50/75 MW (1,000 kW) per year at 5.5 m/s average wind speed