BGE Solutions and Product

Wind Master

Blade Pitch Control Mechanism

Tide Master

Energy Master

After an extended period of several years, including intensive design and testing, the Bleu and Green Energy Solutions is introducing the following product to the market:

1. Wind Master, Off-shore Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System

2. Tide Master, Tidal, and Wave Vertical Axis Hydro Turbine System

3. Energy Master, combining both Wind and Hydro Turbine System

The Wind/Tide Master is developed within the R&D projects of UMBC, (the University of Maryland at Baltimore County), being called BGE-3 or 5 kW, being an integrated omnidirectional of 3 or 5 kW VAWT, with variable pitch control blades mechanism. The Wind Master may be deployed as a stand-alone (below) or as part of Energy Master, as fluid being either air or water.

The Innovative pitch control technology allows an optimized external rotor blade orientation against the wind at any time and maximizes the power coefficient at 45-50%, establishing Wind Master as the best performing VAWT known in the industry. In this regard, the Company holds IP patents for this product.

The Tide and Energy Master units provides an extended range of operational speeds (5 -25 m/s, Wind) (0.5 -3m/s, Tidal)

· Mooring Lines included for required technical performances on stand-alone unit, see above

· Mounted separated on the barge structure, complementary to any existent power sourcing equipment.

The Tide Master, integrated along with Wind Master on floating platform, such below barge same unit:

· The Tide Master can capture both horizontal and vertical fluid flow, by operating with lower tidal current speeds (0.5 -3 m/s) compared to traditional Tidal Energy Devices

· The Tide Master can be integrated with Wind Master under Energy Master, left lower and right images, while being separate installed in the floating platform, may be integrated with solar PV, as shown below.