About Us

·    The Blue and Green Energy Solutions company was formed as Limited Liability Company under Maryland state laws and lead by Stefan Ioana, who is on the renewable energy business for the past 30 years.

·    Stefan Ioana’s skills includes, but not limited to developing new VAWT design, including the previous 3 kW Marilyn, under various configurations, along UMBC of the first Vertical Axis Wind turbine reactive to the environment, by accomplishing 45% efficiency. The Turbine may be extended applicability to oceans/seas environment, including wave and tidal energy.


Management Team

The Company has assembled an experienced management team:


President and Chief Executive Officer

·         Stefan Ioana is holding a MS Eng. PE, PMP, over 35 engineering experience in R&D and Advanced Engineering, involving aerospace, defense, telecommunication, and railroad industries. Over 20 years of experience in start-up and small business, including innovative technologies, from CAD concepts to prototypes.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

·         Dr. Meilin Yu is Associate Professor at UMBC, and leading several graduate and post-graduate student teams, current focus being renewable energy harvesting, flapping wing aero-hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, numerical optimization, and non-hydrostatic mesoscale atmospheric modeling

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14003 Falconcrest Road

Germantown, Md, 20874

Phone: (240) 421 2248